Paris shooting leaves everyone scared.
Paris shooting kills a police officer and a terrorist.

One policeman dead and other injured badly in Paris shooting!

Gunshots were fired in the tourist attraction Champs-Elysees. Paris shooting leaves everyone shocked!

The attack was meant for a greater causality but luckily the attacker was killed while encounter.

The encounter took place in the center of the city of love. The attacker had planned his move wisely. As it is spring the tourist toll has been sky high. Champs-Elysees is usually very crowded around these days.

Paris attack leaves everyone sad!
Paris Shooting leaves tow policeman injured. One could not sustain the injuries and passed away. Security is on high alert.

Paris shooting has led to a new series of unease developing in the region of Europe. While no official statement is out yet but according to police there were two attackers. Two policeman were injured in the shootings. Sadly one of our brave officers could not sustain the injuries and passed away.

The motives are not clear yet. Nothing can be said whether it was a terrorist  or a criminal attack. The shooters targeted the busiest areas of the city. Paris Shooting took place at two locations. Franklin D Roosevelt Metro station and Champs-Elysées were targetted.

The attack took place around 9 pm. The streets have been closed for general public. People are advised to stay inside their homes as a result of this act of hatred. Everyone is so scared right now since the situation is very critical in Europe.

According to a passerby the terrorist opened the fire with a Kalashnikov, killing an officer on point. No official word has been given from the Internal ministry. Nothing can be speculated about the motives behind this heinous act.

The attack took place exactly after two days of France’s Presidential Elections. Two suspects were captured earlier. Bombs and guns were found and they probably had planned to disrupt the elections. This is heart wrenching to see the world fight with terrorism every day.

Let us all take a moment and condemn the Paris Shooting 2017. Let us pray for the brave officers who risked their lives for the safety of people. Our utmost condolences to the family of deceased officer.

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated.

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