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Facebook is an important social media that connects millions of people every second. Many complaints have been filed or rumors were in circle there were different pages providing ammunition like anti-tank weapons, rocket launchers and heavy machine guns for sale. Recently Facebook took down all those pages that were selling arms to terrorists.

Numerous reliable sources confirmed that different “Revolvers, rifles and sub-machine guns”made or designed in Britain were recorded for sale in underground arms dealing groups on the website. This is not it, weapons which were publicized were not the end but with this moveable anti-aircraft systems and grenade launchers that are mainly created in Europe, Russia and the United States were also advertised on Facebook.

If we look into the details, with the unlimited access and profound connections anything will be possible. Social network needs people to report all kinds of “online bazaars” that are involved in selling weapons.

Facebook recent work might pay off as a ban on gun sales was put on different websites and overall 2.57% reduce is seen.But it appears that terrorists still use the social network to get weapons.

Experts report proposed that “online bazaars” have been set up to assist people in nations where ISIS has a solid presence most probably like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

These bazaars included secret or secure Facebook groups, retailing everything from minor weapons to military grade weapons like heavy machine guns, heat sensor missiles and anti-aircraft systems, even though maximum type of dealing weapons for sale were minor handguns and rifles.

The media sources confirm that they cooperated with Facebook about seven such groups of which it closely shut down six. Keep in mind that these seven pages actually only chatted for weapons rather than selling them. The social network made a specific point clear that it only depend upon people to report actions or pages that appear to be danger or related to terrorists.

Facebook made an official statement:“It’s against Facebook’s Community Standards to coordinate private sales of firearms, and we remove any such content as soon as we become aware of it. We encourage people to use the reporting links found across our site so that our team of experts can review content swiftly.”

Unfortunately, numerous of the weapons being traded or launched in Iraq seemed to have a strong origin source of USA government and forces by the Pentagon.


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