Thursday, February 20, 2020

Terrence Ruffin May Become The Main Competitor For Chris Bumstead And Breon Ansley In 2020: His Posing At Niagara Falls Pro Is Impressive!

The Classic Physique Division is now presented by truly great sportsmen who may change the future of this IFBB category. Being relatively new, the Classic Physique division is now attracting more and more fitness fans and becoming an important part of global bodybuilding.

While representatives of the division are visibly smaller than their Open Weight “brothers” they impress viewers by their aesthetic shredded bodies and excellent proportions. Today Classic Physique contests are turning into spectacular events that are worth attention and admiration.

Another reason to keep an eye on the division is its dynamic development. Unlike other divisions with the relatively stable situation and favorites, Classic Physique is always ready for changes and welcoming for new faces. Attracting many talented and gifted sportsmen, the division is a real battlefield where no one can feel secure. 

While it’s believed that Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley are the leaders of the division, they have too many dangerous competitors and the situation can change very dramatically. Some experts believe that Terrence Ruffin is one of those who can take the first place in the Classic Physique division in the nearest future.

The sportsman didn’t take part in the 2019 Olympia, however, it is not associated with any problems. The bodybuilding simply took short time-off to prepare for the upcoming contest in the best possible way. Taking into consideration those great results and incredible physique presented by Terrence in the latest years and his strong determination now, he has very high chances to lead the division soon.

Recently the sportsman appeared at Niagara Falls Pro show where he presented an outstanding physique and took the top honors!


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