Following the release of the original jocular flick in 2010 “Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive?” was expected to be a hilarious roller coaster ride, even more exciting than its predecessor.  However the persistently fluctuating entertainment caused the sequel to discontinue the droll legacy of the Bin Laden series. There are multiple points throughout the film where you can find the plot swinging between Hollywood and Bollywood production styles. Moreover the feature experiences monotonous jokes. Furthermore the ludicrous gradient decreases as the film progresses all due to its reptitional nature. But still this does not at all mean that it is not worth watching. Practically everything around the world is imperfect but the way the motion picture presents every imperfection c comically boosts the standard of the film. This part is more power packed and fast phased than the former in addition to its epic starting, rhythmic songs and amazing star cast.


The story this time revolves around the verification drama of Osama’s death while on one hand the entire US parliament is leaving no stone unturned to prove Laden’s death, while on the other hand,  counter reports have sparked ample speculations to bring a dead Osama alive. An anonymous terrorist arm dealer Khalili wants to present Osama alive to the world on the contrary. The attempt to convert these diplomatic political moves into a whacky fun filled presentation is the main essence of the film. In this tug of war is entrapped a Bollywood director Sharma who desires to gain a reputation in the industry.To achieve his aims, he is following the US agent David’s advice of making a film on this political chaos.While being unaware of how is he being manipulated to picture a false tape to prove Osama’s death. The drama that follows awaits you in the theatre.

The trailer released showcased hints to a more promising film but the later proved slightly disappointing. It explained the storyline. Director Abishek Sharma also remarked that the movie would have strong links with its prequel before mentioning how original the script would be. The prerelease songs include Six Pack Abs a horrible example of objectifying men on screen. Honestly it is nothing more than Zafar flaunting a non-six packed body just to impress his female fans.  Then came Itemwale a song that neutralized the tyranny brought in by Zafar.

The star cast is probably the best part of this movie. There were many scripted faults which were corrected by the actors’ display on screen. Pradhuman Singh reenacted Osama’s lookalike artistically utilizing his resemblance to the terrorist, then we had the king of television comedy Manish Paul noted for hosting TV and reality shows playing a conventional Indian movie hero who wants to quit his Halwai career and engage into film making. Sikander Shah was able to enthrall us with his unrecognizable double role, while Sugandha Garg in her short dressed avatar failed to fulfill the feminine element in the movie. It also starred Rahul Singh as a mimicry artist and Mia Uyeda as a beautiful sidekick to Sikander’s character.

Tere bin Laden: Dead or Alive was released this Friday, 26th February 2016 in cinemas so do book your tickets if you are in for some light hearted comedy.


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