Tenley Molzahn of ‘The Bachelor’ marries Taylor Leopold in an outdoor wedding ceremony

‘The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love’ star Tenley Molzahn is no longer a bachelorette anymore. Molzahn tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Taylor Leopold. The two got married at an outdoor romantic ceremony on Friday at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California.

Tenley gave the fans an update of her and her new husband on Sunday via Instagram. The reality television star posted a sweet photo of the two and wrote, “Friday was simply the best day of our lives, but yesterday waking up as his wife made it even better! Soaking up time with just one another – mini-mooning is the way to go!”

The bride also appreciated Omni La Costa for providing the newlyweds with such an amazing space to rest and enjoy.

For the wedding, Tenley wore a strapless, mermaid-cut dress and had her hair styled in long mermaid-style while the Leopold wore a grey suit.

The couple have been dating since two years when they got engaged in January. The 33 year old reality personality posted on her Instagram that she and her boyfriend had gotten engaged. The photo uploaded by her shows the couple embracing, with Tenley splashing her big diamond ring.

“Taylor, you’re the answer to some of my hearts greatest prayers and deepest desires, and that you have chosen me, and that we really get to do this, my heart is full of praise! God’s Love and faithfulness has always been true to me, but since the day I met you, I truly believed that God had all along been letting me find my way to you.” she wrote in an Instagram post after their engagement.

Notably, Tenley debuted on The Bachelor in the year 2010, placing on the second position for Jake Pavelka’s heart. She has also appeared in ‘Bachelor Pad’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. She met Kiptyn Locke while shooting for ‘Bachelor Pad’. The two dated until their spilt in the year 2014.

Despite of having an extensive reality television experience, it looks like Tenley did not need a show to find true love. Instead, she landed up meeting Leopold via a mutual friend, as per an interview with Us Weekly.

In the interview in 2016, Tenley had spoken about Leopold, calling her beau gorgeous.

Even though Tenley is not ashamed of her experience in reality television, she likes the fact that Leopold is not the part of the show and also that he is entirely uninterested in watching The Bachelor.


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