teen wolf season 6

Teen Wolf Season 6 slash the final season of the teen drama is very close to premiering. Fans can’t wait for November 15 to finally arrive since it is said that the season has much in store for the fans and that there is even a possibility of a lovey-dovey relationship blooming between Lydia and Stiles.

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The recent rumor that one of the stars of Teen Wolf will not be making an appearance in Teen Wolf Season 6 has finally been trashed since it is now confirmed that Dylan O’Brien, known for his role in the movie Maze Runner, will be very much present in Teen Wolf Season 6, although the star will have fewer action stunts to perform on the count of the injuries he sustained while filming Maze Runner 3. Hopefully, Dylan’s injuries aren’t serious enough to the point that it will even hinder his growing career in the industry.

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The Teen Wolf producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura says that Dylan is very much better now, although the accident Dylan was involved in was serious and even threatened the young actor’s life, he is well enough to take back his role as Stiles in the final season of Teen Wolf.

As for the possibility of a romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia, it may just come true in Teen Wolf Season 6, and fans have been waiting for these two pack members to finally be together in that way. Moreover, Stiles may also have a change in relationship with Scott, they can either get closer or end their friendship or whatever is left of it permanently.


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