The final season of Teen Wolf is expected to be an epic finale to the long-running drama series. Teen Wolf Season 6 will also be having a few old characters making their return contribute to the ending that is to come for the story. Some of the notable and confirmed returns to Teen Wolf Season 6 are that of Ian Bohen as Peter Hale and Cody Christian as Theo.

Fans, however, are hoping that Tyler Hoechlin to return as Derek for Teen Wolf Season 6. The final season of the show will be completing the 100 episodes that will have its last one aired on 2017.

Since the finale is definitely on its way, fans of the show are both happy and worried that the series will soon be coming to an end, there are a few enthusiasts however that believe that the Teen Wolf Season 6 will not be the last season and maybe the show can be extended in some way. Regarding this wish, the show runners of Teen Wolf Season 6 have yet to say anything about a possible extension.

Teen Wolf Season 6 is said to be introducing a couple of new villains in the show, the most notable of which are the Ghost Riders. They have the ability to erase a person from the memory of others, that being said it is also hinted in the Teen Wolf Season 6 teaser trailer that Stiles may be the next target and it even went as far as his father, the sheriff, forget who he was.


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