Teen Wolf Season 6
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During the shooting of “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure”, Teen Wolf Season 6 leading man Dylan O’Brien suffered serious injuries that were quite a scare for the cast and crew of Teen Wolf Season 6. The crew almost considered to prepare themselves for a season without Stiles, and how they are going to make it work since the injuries were serious enough to hinder Dylan from participating in the shooting of Teen Wolf Season 6.

To the relief of the crew and fans alike, O’Brien was able to beat and recover from the injuries he sustained and is deemed healthy enough to start production, as reported by Parent Herald. There is even a new poster released by MTV showing Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) And Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) standing together though separated by a lightning bolt running between the two. This poster certainly leaves much to the imagination for fans as they very well know that the Teen Wolf Season 6 is the last season for the show.

Spoilers suggest that Stiles is one of the targets for the new villain in the show, the Ghost Riders, who are said to have the frightening ability to erase people from the memories of others. It is expected that the loss of Stiles would affect his squad, Scott, Lydia. Martin and Malia. However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed that the Sheriff Stilinski is the one most affected by the fact that his very own son was wrongfully erased from his memory.

With the ending of the series approaching with the dawn of Teen Wolf Season 6, cast and crew are certainly looking to give the show the ending that fans deserve.



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