Teen Wolf Season 6 Air Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The writers of the hit drama series Teen Wolf are dedicated to making this last season an epic one and fan can definitely expect a unique ending that will satisfy the fans and give justice to the characters they have learned to love over the years. Teen Wolf Season 6 will be bringing back some of its old cast members to make their final contribution to the ending of the show. New villains will also be introduced and the most notable of which are the Ghost Riders who have the horrifying ability to erase people from the memory of others, and a known target of these bad guys is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) as hinted in the Official Teaser Trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6.

There has been an unfortunate bet that it is often seen in the ending of a series that the main character would not make it to the end of the show, there is a possibility that one of the pack members would die. Many of the fans are not yet ready to take in this kind of possibility however Paris may have already started to pinpoint the identity of the character that will lose his or her life come the final season of the show.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are already in on the possibility and fans have also started a “Save-character name-” campaigns. It is a norm for writers to kill off the main character and bring him or her back to life later in the finale. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint at this moment which of the pack will be biting the dust.


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