Teen Wolf Season 6 Air Date
(Credits : Youtube)

As the fans of this hit drama eagerly wait for the 15th of November to finally come, as it is the official Teen Wolf season 6, they are also freaking out over the announcement that came with the Teen Wolf season 6 air date. The face that Teen Wolf cast, Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne have come clean and told the world that they are now a couple, and fans are loving it.

All the rumors started and spread like wildfire when Tyler and Bella were seen leaving Katsuya Los Angeles together. This was after the two were seen strolling around town with arms linked back in April 2015. The rumors were of course denied by the two to extinguish any speculation about their relationship.

Who would have known that all the whispers would come true a year later and that Tyler and Bella gave in to love? All this is making the wait for the Teen Wolf Season 6 air date to finally arrive utterly unbearable since fans are very eager to see how the relationship between the two will blossom as the new season starts.

Fans are advised to recall where season 5 left off. Going back, we remember Theo (Cody Christian) was dragged to hell and surely the brutality and hardships he will face in hell will sculpt Theo and change him as a person. Everything Theo endured in hell will bring chills down the spines of fans as they adjust on the whole new person Theo has become.


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