Caytlyn Cook has always adored competing with the boys. She confessed that when she was playing football with the boys, they were mad, while sometimes she could beat them so they would try to trip her.

However, this became a motivation for Caytlyn to fall in love with powerlifting where she could apply her dominating features.

Cook says that men think that girls can’t do that, so it feels really good. A 15-year-old girl proves everyone is wrong. At AAU Powerlifting World Championship in Las Vegas, she set three new records.

Caytlyn says that she often thinks whether she can do it or not, but when she manages to do it, it feels really great.

Cook was competing in her weight class with 14-15-year-old girls from all over the globe and broke records in three categories. Her record became the bench press at 143 pounds, deadlift at 330 pounds, and squat with 358 pounds.

The girl says that when you say you can’t do it you simply give up, but when you say you can do this, you really do this.

In December, Cook will have her next competition, so she is already working hard. Let’s wish her the best of luck!


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