(Credits: theweek.co.uk)

Apple is truly a show-stopper brand as the innovations and offerings that it offers to its fans are innumerable and that is why, with every new gadget release on the cards, we see some more wild anticipation. Although, there have been so many rumors about the inclusion of awe-inspiring features in iPhone 7, still the new one of the inclusion of touch ID fingerprint sensor has made huge spree. The news in the middle is that Apple has registered new patent with Patent and Trademark office and this is about the inclusion of this new feature in new Apple devices. It is more than probable that this technology namely “Fingerprint Activation Of A Panic Mode of Operation For A Mobile Device,” would feature in iPhone 7. This is undoubtedly the best tool that would make things pretty amazing for customers and they can now easily unlock the phone and can also make purchases with Apple Pay.

This innovative feature that was is known as “panic mode” is featured by the Touch ID sensor. Moreover, as soon as the mode is activated, you would easily unlock the device. In addition, it is also rumored that iPhone 7 may also feature the airbag technology and thus making mishap rare and would protect iPhone in the best possible way.


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