Demi Lovato is truly a wonderful artist and fans like me would love to put their thumbs up for her new masterpiece known as “Confident.” The album has been able to top the charts at various countries and has made the Mexican Diva proud of achieving such triumphs at such an early age.

Demi has been name behind mesmerizing tracks such as “Skyscraper,” however, with this album; she has decided to thrill her DJ fans by including radio friendly tracks in this album.

“Confident” is truly an energetic phenomenon that has beat the heartstrings of millions and has compelled the dancers to show their moves. The fabulous track such as “Cool for the Summer” is truly a fresh glimpse of air and with “Stone Cold”, she has truly enchanted the fans.

The track “Lionheart” is not only a fabulous song but it is also a melodious emotional speech and a wake-up call to the girls out there. Likewise, with the title track “Confident”, the message to haters is evident and is a kind of dose to all girls who have confident issues.

As far the track “Kingdom Come” is concerned, the Aussie popstar Iggy Azalea has tweeted that it would just stick as an album track. Something that has made this album a masterpiece is the track “Father” that is an ode to her father who is no more in this world. The sad track has been an emotional phenomenon.

Overall, the album has been a mega hit and the critical appreciation has also included it in the best albums of the year. You can enjoy the tracks on Spotify and Sound Cloud plus you can aksi watch videos of the two tracks on YouTube.  


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