Syria President
Syria President tackling Donald Trump

Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad seems to be in action against the Trump’s words.
 He is vigilant to say that Trump’s comments don’t affect his power. Assad is running a country which is in war since 6 years. Syria is not to be lead by west.

The suspected chemical attack was just a “fabrication” to justify the U.S attacks on his forces- Al-Assad!. President Al-Assad named theses chemical attacks as a fabrication in order to mask the brutal acts of U.S or armed forces. He verified his concepts in his recent interview with AFP in Damascus. Assad was very clear in his words that Donald Trump has nothing to do with his firepower . He himself is the ruler of the country and he knows well which way to sway.

Syria’s firepower is not affected by such chemical attacks.

Al-Assad was quite sure that Syrian forces have turned over all the weapons used in such attacks. They have never used such banned arms in the history. He denied all the false alligations by the Trump. He was in a mood to defend.

Al-Assad is totally against the Trump’s concept of Syria killing Syria.

In Al-Assad’s recent interview he highlighted the suspected chemical attacks which killed doznes of civilians. He anniunced them as rebel-held-town of Khan Sheikhum.  Images of civilians dieing and foaming to mouth has sent a very savagemessage in the outer world. Such a massacare is not tolerated on international level. These images from the locals  have become the center of attention of UNO.

Syria president
Syria’s President Al-Assad all set to tackle Trump

OPCW has begun the investigations against these attacks in Syria.

Regarding the investigations by OPCW  President Al-Assad said that he is ready for them . He verily allow such investigations only if the are not impartials. I support such investigations on a note that biased countries will not be involved in these proceedings. He was very clear with his words that they have never used such weapons in the history and will never use arsenic in the country.

First millitary attack against Syria; 59 cruise missiles hiting Shayrat air base.

President Al-Assad specified the direct military action which was exact 3 days after the suspected chemical attacks. These attacks also caused a large damage to the land. Assad keep on saying that these attacks were useless. We are dvoid of such weapons. Trump is just trying to interfere in the acts of a country. I have been  it ruling since 17 years.

Trump attacks can be anywhere not only in Syria; Al-assad specified.

President narrated that Trump can attack anywhere in the world. Its not just Syria under power. He kept on claiming that he cannot underestimate his firepower. Is Trump really trying to target Syria or Al-Assad is just defending his illegal acts?.