San Marcos, CA – 16 February, 2017

Dynamite Power Training (DPT) is one of the first companies to develop a suspension straps pro trainer kit that can be used in a custom manner and affixed to your doorway. Initially launching in San Marcos, California, Dynamite’s suspension straps have been tested by hundreds of individuals seeking a military resistance home workout. Not only do the suspension bands by Dynamite provide a more intensive exercise than the traditional chin up bar and boxing, but they are also crafted to provide maximum strength and deliver a full body workout.

Dynamite is a fitness company that produces resistance workout equipment. They are dedicated to producing their exercise accessories with strength and transforming the traditional gym go-ers into at home gym connoisseurs. DPT has recently gained the upper hand in the fitness market due to their creative approach when designing their workout equipment and accessories that involved combining the aspects of bodyweight and Crossfit training.


DPT offers a range of fitness and workout merchandise that is soon to include CrossFit rings, occlusion trainers, and all new fortified ceiling anchors. They are currently one of the leading competitors in the suspension bands and suspension straps market with the recent creation of their nylon suspension exercise system. Since the market for suspended exercises has began to take off, Dynamite has continued to dominate with this particular model of armband that includes adjustable strap buckles, heavy duty foam grip handles and also heavily reinforced military grade carabiners.

Gym attendees have all been raving about the hype of this newly established fitness company, Dynamite Power Training. Their suspension exercise system currently comes in a vibrant pink colour and is stated as one of 2017’s best suspension straps training kits by many gyms all over the nation. Taking into account the amazing progression that Dynamite has been showing, it is only a matter of time before this company breaks the seal and is seen in every one of the gyms in the United States. This company truly puts the time and effort into their products and should be given all the credit and benefits for how well they have innovated the suspension straps and bands training community. Readers can find their suspension straps on where they will receive 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.
About Dynamite Power Training, LLC:

Dynamite Power Training is a cutting edge fitness company located in San Marcos, California that has heightened thousands of exercise connoisseurs workout experiences. They specialise in developing home gym exercise equipment.

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