San Diego, CA – 13 February, 2017

Dynamite Power Training (DPT) has recently debuted their innovative line of suspension straps and gained massive amounts of the fitness world’s attention. Their suspension bands training system been denoted this February as one of the United State’s finest pieces of home gym equipment by many of the nation’s leading gyms. This recent spike in their sales is thought to be due to their product relaunch which includes a home suspension training kit featuring new firm grip foam handles, adjustable straps and durable fitness carabiners.


Dynamite is an exercise company that produces home gym equipment and accessories to serve the greater majority of the world’s workout community. They have nuzzled their way into the home gym market of 2017 with their new priceless offer including a top notch home gym set and this iconized their company as the most affordable and durable brand available to the general public.

Dynamite’s suspension straps function as a military strap trainer and are crafted with a newly weight-tested nylon material and durable non-slip foam handles at the ends of the suspension bands. They also include a complimentary ebook from their website along with each customer’s purchase. The book they incorporate within this new product is called, “15 Workouts by Dynamite,” and consists of 15 unique workouts designed for all different levels of intensities.

With the new addition of the home gym features, this record breaking month of February sales has triggered an uproar with respect to Dynamite in the fitness community. They have begun to dominate the Amazon marketplace in terms of bodyweight training and taken over the home gym market. This seems like only the beginning for this new fitness company and people should definitely keep an eye on their progression. This company very well could be fighting to overtake the leading competitors who produce home gym equipment and have an amazing breakout year. Readers can find their home gym system on Amazon.com where they will recieve free 2-day shipping on orders over Forty Nine dollars.

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Dynamite Power Training is a cutting edge fitness company located in San Marcos, California that has heightened thousands of exercise connoisseurs workout experiences. They specialize in developing home gym exercise equipment.


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