Susan Braudy accuses Michael Douglas of sexual harassment
Susan Braudy and Michael Douglas

Susan Braudy, an author, and journalist has gone public with the allegations of sexual harassment. The harassment was against Michael Douglas, in a preventive interview earlier this month about the imminent accusations.

Braudy, the Hollywood reporter discussed that she was a lease to run the Douglas’ production company, the New York office of Stonebridge Productions, in the late 80’s. She claimed that during her working time with him to her appearance he tried to pass sexually charged comments. Also during a private script meeting, he masturbated in front of her in his apartment.

What was the incident?

Braudy described the incident that took place in 1989. She explained how Douglas first unzipped his pants and then she noticed an awry. While complimenting her additions to their script, his voice turned low. After that, she saw that he inserted both of his hands into his unzipped pants and then she realized the horror he was rubbing his private parts. Within a fraction of seconds, his voice started cracking as he had an orgasm.

Braudy said after that Michael ran barefoot after her to the elevator, zipping his pants and buckling his belt. She promised herself that she would never be alone with him again.

After that incident, the working condition with Douglas declined.

Braudy said Douglas sweetly asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement. She knew that he was preparing to fire her. She described how she took help of her lawyer and exited the company without signing a confidentiality agreement.

Douglas said that Braudy’s claim is totally wrong. He never masturbated in front of her. He said that he would confess
to anything if he thought he was responsible for it.

He stated that Susan Braudy is an industry veteran, a senior executive, a published novelist, and member of the women’s movement. And when she worked at his company more than three decades ago, she never expressed any uncomfortable working environment while she was working.


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