Surveillance footage shows have crowded the online sites and have gained a huge number of viewership as well. Popular among them are the ones which show live coverage. The surveillance footage can be covered using microchips, mobile phones, cameras, covert listening devices and few more devices which are being introduced into the market. These do spread awareness against crimes and accidents and help prevent any such harmful issues. They also come to rescue in some of the investigations which are carried on by the police and investigators. A popular video which is creating a huge buzz among the viewers over an online site is that of a woman combating against a group of armed robbers who have entered the house. She uses her gun in self-defense and is later on taken into custody and released soon. These footage can help in tracking criminals as well as in carrying out various kind of undercover missions by the forces.

These surveillance footage shows have also led to the violation of the privacy of many. Activists and human rights group have revolted against the surveillance cameras and the whole process of video coverage for this reason. The recent display of some of the traffic surveillance footage over the movie screens have led to a fearful reaction from the theater audiences. These shows can tickle laughter and sometimes can even be extremely gory and frightening.


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