'Super Mario' Release Date, News & Update

The Nintendo Switch already has a trailer to entice fans on what’s to come, and those who have a sharp eye would have noticed that the trailer featured Super Mario, does this mean we are getting a new 3D Super Mario game? That may just be the case. The new Super Mario was heavily hinted in the trailer of the Nintendo Switch, though there are yet to be any official announcements regarding this, although based on what was seen, it looks like the new Super Mario game is similar to Super Mario Galaxy or the Super Mario 3D World.

On the 3 minutes 33 second mark of the Nintendo Switch trailer we get to see a lady playing Super Mario as he does his thing on the screen, much like how the man in Temple Run moves. The Nintendo Switch seems to be offering a unique gaming experience as it is both a portable and stationary console, with its detachable controllers and screen.

As for the other titles that may be included in the inventory of the Nintendo Switch, it may include classics like Legend of Zelda and Donkey King. The trailer really does have a lot of hints thrown around if you pay attention to detail. There are numerous hints about the games we can expect in the Nintendo Switch, including Elder Scrolls. The new console may also have a local multiplayer feature for some of its games as showcased in the trailer.

There is yet to be any official announcement however about the release date of the Nintendo Switch and this new Super Mario game, the official title of the game is also unknown. Both of which may be better explained in the future. Stay tuned to JBH News for more updates.


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