The game Sims 4, like all other games of the series is based on a quest to find out how the life functions and how it can be improved to its perfection.

The game, has introduced many new features. One of these features that are very similar to everyday life is multi-tasking. As opposed to its predecessors’ the game has allowed the characters to multi-task at a time when it is physically possible. For example, a sim can paint and in between he can talk to his partner. They can listen to music anytime and while doing anything. Moreover, in case the sims are left alone they take multiple tasks at once.

New introduction allows more flexibility. The game is now more independent of game’s rules that dictated movement. Now the characters can easily engage in conversation and further it to an end. Switching in and out of the conversation is now more fluid and easy than it was in the previous parts of the series.

The game is not flawless, and these flaws are now more intolerable because they are seasoned and are recurring for fourteen years now. For example, you cannot make a sim to do when he is not willing to. On their date they would sit on opposite ends of the bar letting six people to sit between them.

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Sims 4 isn’t too much challenging for a management game. You are more concerned about wish fulfillment. To fulfill your wish you need to earn money, or create a social status of yourself or succeed in your career. However, as opposed to real life situations you cannot attain these goals by putting right efforts on a longer basis. Rather this game allows you to attain your goals through laps of time. The more time is gone the more achievements you make.

The criteria for Sims 4 are more difficult than that for Sims 3, which understandable, as the series has to move forward. But the difficulty of criteria is the result of a longer list of wishes. When a sim attain an ambition he is awarded and gets special abilities.

The careers also show an element of innovation. They are built on the same lines as the previous ones, but their promotion paths are now longer than before. Most of the time an advancement in career is accompanied by rewards, such as new items for home. The gamer has no control over how their sims perform in their work life. All you have to do is to meet certain criteria in their luxury time so they can get promotions in their careers.

Another newer aspect the game offers now is its emotional aspect. Now the sims are aroused not only by their biological drives but are also affected by their emotional state. This adds a wonderful touch to the game. But, still, as it is quiet easy to raise ideal emotion for the desired outcome in the game, it has become just another criterion to be fulfilled before the sim gets in action.

If you are interacting with your sims directly, then the emotion system gives you the opportunity to discover new aspects of their interactions. However, the games overall simulation has made it less successful.



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