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For all those who love to play fighting games, bad news is that there aren’t that much fighting games that are scheduled to be released next year on PC. However, a sigh of relief for all these agrieved souls is that the players still would have something to enjoy and in this regard, the recent edition in the forever-charming-Street Fighter series will be released during 2016. The good news is that this game will be released in all regions. Although, there is still lots of time, the game is still far from release, yet players have been able to taste the flavor of the game. Kudos to the Street Fighter V Beta test in this regard for making it possible for all the players and would be available again later this month with cross-platform play features. In case if you’re thinking about pre-ordering Street Fighter V and want to gain access to the upcoming beta, then a sincerest advice for you would be to take advantage of the new mouth-watering deal that’s now available online.

GamesPlanet that is an exceptional online retailer is currently offering Street Fighter V with a deal price of 30% off. in case if you are Pre-ordering from GamesPlanet, the players would also gain access to the upcoming Street Fighter V beta test and which will be held later this month. The mesmerising offer is that the players would also be given an exclusive Chun-Li costume alongwith the above perks. Grab your collection and avail this offer as it would not be available for much longer.

As far as buzz about the characters is concerned, players would be amazed to know that several additional Street Fighter V characters have been affirmed in the past few weeks. In this regard, the Street Fighter Russian fighter Zangief, Karin, and R. Mika from final installment are also included in this edition. Let the fun begins!

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