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WrestleMania 32 is going to be one of the biggest and fancy WWE competitions. Just one day left, yet we still don’t exactly what some of the biggest stars in WWE will do in WrestleMania 32. Experts after reviewing different scenarioscome up with some best guesses for Sunday’s surprise appearances.

It’s not definite that the Texas Rattlesnake will be coming in WrestleMania 32, but it would be amazing if one of the most demanded superstars of the past doesn’t come to this event in his home town. If we look at the past, Austin’s past woundsmade him unfit for the wrestling, but he’d be the impeccablesoul to start the show. Just visualize the reaction of the crowd in AT&T Stadium when Stone Cold’s music smashes after the starting fireworks show.

Up till now it is not mentioned how great Rock’s participation in WrestleMania 32 will be, but WWE has been deeplyendorsing his appearance, so it has to be a big blow to the tournament. The Rock has assured to “excite” the largest crowd in WWE past – anachievement he succeeded to achieve last year with the assistance of Ronda Rousey.

The question rise here is: Rock going to wrestle on Sunday or not? That answer appears to be a sweet “no.” He will not be having a complete match as there’s no apparent healthy adversary and WWE couldn’t waste this opportunity to keep a Rock WrestleMania match a bombshellfor the last moment. Also, the existingschedule is already crammed with 11 matches. This is not a complete possibility but it doesn’t show that he can’t come and “Rock Bottom” someone or give a “People’s Elbow”.

One choiceor scenario for The Rock is to meddle in the mega event and help his cousin Roman Reigns tackling Triple H, but this stunt consider to be too apparent. One guess is Rock do a promo before the show along with Stone Cold to assist as his promotedpresence, and thenjumps into the Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose match to challenge or make a match of Rock-Lesnar at SummerSlam or WrestleMania 33.

It’s supposed that Cena is nearly healthy enough to come back to wrestling, but he’s is currently very busy sponsoring WWE since experiencing surgery to patch-up a shoulder injury in this January. This WWE champion earlier told that he will seeing the WrestleMania 33 site form the AT&T Stadium this weekend but told Fox in the last week that he’s eager to participate in the competition.

John Cena issued a public statement:

“The people who said conservatively nine months have now said well maybe I’ll reevaluate myself. So I’m looking okay. I just got a little bit sweeter talking to do to the doctors so they can give me the green light.”

So this means is he coming back? Or where they will fit him at this moment? Itis safe to assume that there’s no point in rushing him back this soon.


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