Stockholm attack.

The  attack on the shop has highly affected their economy. Such types of terror attacks usually cause drastic effects on the business of the owner. The attack proceeded when during the Friday’s terror attack a beer lorry smashed the shop’s door and it caught fire badly. This Stockholm attack has highlighted both; the economic damage and the damage to humanity. Stockholm attack is totally connected to terrorism. In such cases, we can say that it is a consequence of terrorism.

Stockholm attack

Every action has a reaction. This terrorist attack on Friday’s morning alarmed the Stockholm shop’s owners. They were puzzled by the situation. in the meanwhile they made an announcement that they will start ” A sale of smoke damaged goods”. When this got into media it gained a lot of importance. People called it a ” bad decision”. Masses seem to be not happy with what was happening. As if they weren’t expecting this response from the owners after  attack. Some people called it as if they were trying to make money from “tragedy”. The reaction of the people boosted up when the email got circulated all over. The authorities sent an email to all the customers that they are going to start the sale of all the damaged products. This direct announcement added fuel to the fire. People seemed quite disappointed.  Seeing this reaction from the people after Stockholm attack the authorities took a positive action. They apologized for this act after two days of the Stockholm attack. They submitted that it was never an act of making money at this tragic event. They postponed their opening ceremony. They cleared that they never meant to disappoint their customers and will begin with a healthy initiative as soon as the circumstances get better.  They highly condemned the Stockholm attack and appreciate that a 39-year-old guy who is a clear suspect for this Stockholm attack has been arrested.The reporter says that he belongs to Uzbekistan.

Taking into account the damage at Stockholm attack one British man has been confirmed as one of the four people who died when a lorry ran down the pedestrians in the busy shopping street. The further reactions and investigations are yet to come regarding Stockholm attack.