Steve Laureus Is Missing 2019 Olympia

Usually, when a sportsman decides to miss an important contest, it is associated with serious traumas or other major health issues. However, sometimes it’s only a part of a winning strategy and a wise decision.

Steve Laureus is in great shape. He’s full of energy and very motivated. Steve has high chances to show an even better result than he demonstrated last year. However, he is not competing. The young sportsman canceled preparation to the contest due to his coach’s advise.

Neil Yoda, who is now training Steve, thinks that the bodybuilder needs some extra time to build an impressive body. While Laureus is one of the most successful sportsmen of the new generation at Olympia, the one-year break won’t play a significant role in his career.

Neil thinks that the time that could be spent on the preparation can be used in a better way. While the coach still believes that competing is a great and important experience, he thinks that this time Steve shall concentrate on long-term planning.

Neil is an experienced coach with lots of successful cases. That’s why we can expect a great return of Steve Laureus in the nearest years. Steve commented on the situation. He supports the decision of his coach and hopes to impress his fans in 2020.

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#flashbackfriday If your goal is to build muscle, develop a wow factor to your physique, and improve month after month! I’ve said it before, and you can be damn sure that I’ll say it again. Consistency is king above all .That's the muscle building principle. I'm not just talking about the reps and heavy weights you put in at the gym. Your recovery, your health as a whole, your nutrition, your supplementation, and your levels of stress and anxiety all matter. All these variables play a major role to the muscle tissue you’re trying to build and the physique you’re chasing. – Rewind to the @arnoldsports where I’ve had a great stage experience and made planty of improvement working just six months with my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 Now moving through my first true bodybuilding off-season. We decided to take off this Olympia to meet our goals. We are chasing more towards next year.

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