Thursday, June 30, 2022

Steve Cook Lost Much Weight

Losing some weight is a kind of a mini-tragedy for a bodybuilder. Especially, if it is about muscles, not fat. Only those who are devoted to the sport and have a great body know how much each gram of a muscle may cost.

Even the smallest growth needs hours in gym and tons of hard work. That’s why sportsmen are often depressed when they noticed that they started to look smaller.

Many bodybuilders get skinny because of diseases or traumas that stop them from going to a gym and working as hard as they normally do. Others lose weight when getting older or after leaving the sport. However, none of the reasons is true for Steve Cook.

The bodybuilder has never looked too massive. However, he has always had a kind of great and impressive physique that has already brought him an army of fans and admirers. Last time, when we saw Steve on the professional bodybuilding stage he looked very strong with his shredded muscles and classic proportions.

However, after a short break, the sportsman posted a photo on his Instagram that made his followers shocked. We saw absolutely different Steve Cook who looked too skinny compared to the way he appeared on the stage.

The photo has caused a great reaction of Steve’s fans and haters who started to discuss the possible reasons for such a noticeable transformation. The sportsman lost a size or even two.

However, Steve decided to explain the situation without keeping his auditory intrigued. He told that he became skinnier not because of disease or eating disorder but simply because he needed some rest from training. Steve told that he took a break to solve some issues and to enjoy the time of winter holidays.

Unlike many sportsmen, Steve doesn’t see any tragedy in losing some weight. He told that losing weight had always been the easiest part for him and he saw nothing strange in getting smaller while staying far from gym for some months.

Steve also calmed his fans down explaining that the recent transformation doesn’t mean that he’s living the sport or taking a long break. He said he was satisfied taking his current physique as a starting point. Steve promised to be in excellent shape for 2019 competing season.

A few days later Steve also shared some of the photos and videos that proved he was very serious about his words. Steve has come back to the hard training routine.

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