Star Trek Online

A little after a month since its release, Star Trek Online has proven to be a surprisingly huge hit. The developers of Star Trek Online did not anticipate that the number of players would reach such high numbers so soon. The game now has gathered One million players since its release last September.

The game was released in the hopes of it appealing to those who have loves the Star Trek series and possibly gather the same amount of support, they were right on point with this theory, however. they did not expect it to go beyond their initial expectations when Cryptic Studios announced that the players of PlayStatino 4 and Xbox One have already reached 1.1 million. There was even an infographic made to portray the most used classes. As it turns out 59 percent of the players play as a Command Officer, 22 percent are Engineers, while 19 percent are Science officers. With regard to factions, 68 percent of players stayed with the Starfleet while 20 percent went for the Klingon and 12 percent opted for the Romulan Star Empire. Statistics of PlayStation 4 players show that most ships used in Star Trek Online  include the Negh’Var Heavy Battlecruiser, the Tactical Excort and the Malem Light Warbird.

Star Trek Online has turned out to be such a success since its initial launch for PC back in 2010, and now it has turned into one of the games that offer over 130 missions with grat graphics and on point voice actors consisting of Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, Michael Dorn, etc.


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