Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sports Celebrities Lifting Fake Weights On Their Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for becoming popular and earning money and modern sportsmen use it so effectively. Nowadays, you don’t need to win a number of professional competitions to become a celebrity, a couple of impressive photos on social media and some interesting stories can bring great fame to you.

Some fitness guru went too far trying to earn more likes and views. There are several sportsmen who think that if the weight they lift looks impressive, it can bring more attention to their account. That’s not a secret that almost every blogger use some tricks and photoshop to look better. However, there are some who crossed the line and made their photos look unreal.

Sports experts told who of famous sports celebrities used fake weights to please their fans. That doesn’t mean that the sportsmen are losers or worth no attention. However, it means that not everything you see on Instagram is 100% true.

Bradly Castleberry

The Manimal (a nickname of Bradly Castleberry) has become famous, demonstrating his excellent physique, hard training and impressive determination to things he does. He has quickly attracted more than 700K followers on his Instagram.

That’s not understandable why Bradly decided he needed to use fake weights for making some of his videos. Trying to make his exercises look more impressive, he lost the trust of his followers and was trolled online.

Kali Muscle

Kali started training when he was in prison. Sport changed his life and made him a successful bodybuilding. Soon after starting his account on Instagram, Kali got more than 765K followers. He became an inspiration for thousands of people, right before becoming a joke…

Kali decided his fame was not enough and tried to attract some attention showing how he lifted incredible weights. Followers quickly noticed that weights were fake.

Rich Piana

Rich Piana thinks that there’s nothing wrong with lifting fake weights. Perhaps, the sportsman thinks that his social media accounts are created for making a show and not for demonstrating true things.

Lots of followers wrote to Rich that they can understand that weights he lifted were fake, however, the sportsman didn’t react to that. Moreover, he also posted some video of other people of his team lifting fake weights.

Gracyanne Barbosa

This Instagram beauty from Brazil gathered more than 7 million followers. Gracyanne has a great sporty body and often poses in the gym. The fitness guru speaks a lot about her training routine and favorite exercises.

While some publications are wise and useful, others are quite surprising. For example, recently Gracyanne posted a video of herself squatting 224 kg. Moreover, the woman wore no weightlifting belt or special shoes. She didn’t even sweat.

For comparison, 2016 squatting record in weightlifting was 210 kg.


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