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Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of the terrible tragedy that struck our country back on September 11, 2001. That day will forever be etched in the hearts of so many, for it not only caused so much devastation, pain, and suffering, but also brought us all together as a nation. Remember the pride we all felt as we watched the brave Americans who fought the odds to rescue and save. As we all now know, those brave men and women risked so much more than they ever imagined, since many were killed trying to save others, and many others now face long term illness as a result of their bravery.

Washington Township Fire Department recognizes the incredible sacrifice of all those involved, especially the first responders. Since fifteen years have now passed, this fifteenth anniversary marked a very special remembrance. This heartwarming ceremony was held at the Firefighters Memorial, in Washington Lake Park , from six to eight PM.

As Washington township residents filed into the Memorial to pay their respects and to thank the township first responders, one thing was abundantly clear.  Not one elected official was in attendance, not even Mayor Barbara Wallace. One should know that this is not an isolated incident for the township government. In fact, several people from the township voiced their disappointment in the lack of leadership in the local government.  Lack of leadership is bad enough, but to not show up at a remembrance ceremony like this is inexcusable.  Many were not at all surprised that the government leaders were not there to support this special occasion. Calls to the Mayor’s office were not returned.

Joe Kane S.J News


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