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Although the login problem is quite an old one, still a need is always felt on the user’s behalf to find a solution to it and thus say adios to all the hassles. The annoying thing with this problem is that sometimes an iPhone continuously asks for your iCloud login details and password and in spite if you enter your Apple ID, and password, it quickly asks for it again.

If you have an iPhone that is infected with this bug, you would obviously be so much fed upset with it and therefore would be in search of a solution. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button (on the top of the iPhone or on the right-hand side if it’s a ‘Plus’ model for around five seconds until

Some of the simplest method devised by the experts is to Slide To Power Off appears and also slide the power icon to the right. After doing so, you will have to wait around for 30 seconds for the screen in order to go completely black. Moreover, you will also have to press the Sleep/Wake button in order to switch the phone back on. The moment it wakes up, it’ll take a while before starting up iCloud and you may be asked for your iCloud password. However, once you are done with the first login, the second login is not likely to happen again.


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