Sony representatives have come out and informed Polygon that no charges would be put on consumers for PS4 Pro 4K HDR Patches. And while that has been stated, it remains unclear if third-party patches are going to attract a price or not.

In a previous statement, an executive at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Masayasu Ito said that for the game discs, which had already been sold and players wished playing them in 4K, it might require them to make some payment for the Sony PS4 Pro 4K HDR Patches.

It has been confirmed that the first party patches are going to be free, however, when to ask about the third party patches and the possibility of having a cost put on them, the executive said that it was going to be up to the providers. Masayasu Ito, responding to the third party cost issue said that it would be different for the different titles, and it would depend on the how each licensee perceives the issue – meaning they may charge for Sony PS4 Pro 4K HDR Patches.

Ito hinted that; whether Sony PS4 Pro 4K HDR Patches will be charged or not, it would vary for each own title for Sony. And for the third party publishers, it may come with some cost or not to avail.


When buying PS4 Pro, among the two major changes as well as advantages that the game players are going to get are the 4K and HDR. The console that was announced on September 7 in the PlayStation Meeting is expected to hit the shelves sometimes in November, specifically November 10.

The console will feature an overclocked CPU, 1tb hard drive, and more than double GPU boost.


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