sony playstation 5
(Image: Youtube)

The top gaming console manufacturers have already decided to release their new platforms in 2017, this includes Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. However, even though the new 2017 consoles are already set in stone, fans are still more interested in the PlayStation 5. The much-awaited Sony made console is said to arrive in 2018 with impressive specifications and game changing features that will definitely cause players’ view on gaming consoles to change.

Presently, Sony is scheduled to release two consoles soon, one is the PlayStation Slim and the other is the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PlayStation for is already equipped with VR technology when the PlayStation VR was released. Even with all these, tech enthusiasts and gaming fans are still more hyped with the PlayStation 5 being released, as it is expected to be the best and most powerful gaming console to ever set foot in our lives.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is said to be the first console to be equipped with HDR technology plus full 4K gaming support with all its advanced specs thrown into the mix as well. There is also word that there is a possibility that Sony may decide to remove the disc playing function in the PlayStation 5, this is because of the innovated digital world is causing Sony to adjust as well and say goodbye to their disc technology, opting for an all-digital platform instead.

Fans have to take note that the PlayStation 5 is only rumored to come out by 2018 and that Sony has yet to announce any official information regarding the fan-favorite console.


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