sons of anarchy prequel
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Fans have done well in rallying for Charlie Hunnam to appear in the Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel which does still seem like an impossible request at this point. Though on the brighter side of things, it seems that there is hope that Jax Teller will be seen in The First 9. Hunnam himself has said that there is a possibility of a cameo in the new FX series.

There are, of course, people who take it as an impossibility for Jax Teller to be in the Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel, and that has been confirmed by Charlie Hunnam. According to the actor, the character was yet to be born during the time frame where The First 9 is set. It makes much sense since the son of John Teller was actually born in the late 70s while the new series is set in the early 60s. Regardless of this, fans are still high in hopes for the return of Hunnam as Jax .

However, it is worth mentioning that Charlie Hunnam has confessed that he isn’t sure whether Jax will not be part “The First 9” for now. “I’m really just making it up,” Hunnam told Entertainment Tonight when asked regarding his return. “I don’t know any fact.” He added.

There is yet to be an official confirmation regarding the part Hunnam will or will not play in the FX series, there is still hope that somewhere in the series, the character will have a special scene in the name of introducing John Teller’s story in The First 9.


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