Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is set for a 27th September 2016 release date we have learned. Set in Sonic Boom, the game is all about Dr. Eggman’s discovery of ragnium, the supercharged element, while he is on Ragna Rock Island. This breakthrough helps him start a new project which leads to more conflicts which then prompt Sonic, along with his friends, to emerge and rescue Dr. Eggman from his invention.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will allow players to choose from various characters including Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, Tails, and Sonic, of course. Along with the features of each character like flight, speed, strength, hammer, and Boomerang, there is going to be fire and ice, which can be used by players for burning obstacles and puzzles or freezing enemies that are blocking their way.

Apart from main story quests, guests even have an opportunity to engage with co-players in two-player bot racing. There are six race tracks to be unlocked in the game. You can also collect artifacts from all over the Sonic Boom world.


The size of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice file is much larger as compared to other Nintendo 3DS games. The game uses 12,333 blocks which is around 1,541 MB. Compare it with another upcoming 3DS title, Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, which uses just 6,794 blocks, i.e., 849.25 MB, and you can see how big the difference is.

The game is set for a 27th September 2016 release on the Nintendo 3DS.


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