sonic boom fire & ice
(Credits: Youtube)

The stages were amazing and to my mind, everyone loves them. It is also said that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will infuse fire and ice elements throughout gameplay.

There are also rumors that the authors will attempt to bring the humor and characterization from the Sonic Boom tv show to this game. You would ask” What does that mean?”. It means that the cartoon’s voice actors will also provide the voices for the game.

All of us want to say that we are thankful to Nintendo for the amazing opportunity to play this game effortlessly and not only for this but also for everything.

You have a chance to watch it all in the video, which is attached below.

In North America Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 27th. You will say that only six days remains and it’s not a long time. I should give you advice, don’t say that in front of all fans of the game, cause they are counting each minute and hours patiently waiting for it.

A few days later the game will be released in Europe if be more precise on September 30th.The interesting fact is that in Japan it will be released only a month later on October 27th .So the fans in Japan may be patient, because while in North America everyone will play this game, they must sit and wait until the October 27th.

So Good Luck to all of them!


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