Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger is Preparing To Start His Sports Career

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only an incredibly looking bodybuilder who keeps being in a great shape even after celebrating his 70th birthday. The sportsman and the actor is the symbol of the Golden Era of the sport and the inspiration for several generations of sportsmen.

Being a living legend, Arnold inspires and motivates not only those who grew up watching his action films, but he is also a great example to his kids.

There are only a few cases known in bodybuilding when kids inherited the desire of their popular fathers to reach great success in the sport. However, Schwarzenegger family can be that rare example of having a great bodybuilding champion in each generation.

Joseph – a young kid of Arnold Schwarzenegger has started to demonstrate a great interest in the sport. The boy is super lucky. He doesn’t need to search for a great coach or nutritionist – he already has one of the greatest and most inspiring coaches at home!

Joseph has started serious training not a long time ago. However, his results are already impressive. A super effective combination of great genetics, strong ambitions and talented supervision of his father, made Joseph gain weight incredibly fast.

Fans of the great bodybuilding family paid attention at some new hashtags that the son of Schwarzenegger has left under his recent photos on Instagram. Joseph marked some of his posts with #ClassicPhysique hashtags.

That is a reason to think that the young sportsman is preparing to start his professional career and to enter his first contest, competing for the first place in the Classic Physique division.

Taking into consideration how quickly Joseph managed to get great physique and how successful his genetics can be, the boy has all chances to become the new bodybuilding star in the nearest time.

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