Bollywood is celebrating Friendship Day with best ever manner.

Friendship Day: There must be some day of the year when we should celebrate and cherish the importance of our relationship such as mother, father, brother or sister etc. however, the celebration of friendship day is equally important same as the other close relations. We must celebrate and thanks them enough to be there through every thick and thin.

However it is unconditionally appropriate that their influence in our life is appreciating, it’s obvious that they are not the part of our immediate family but still, they feel our happiness or sorrow. Friends are those creatures who we elect to stay with in every situation. We open our heart to them as well as look for advice and guidance when we are under siege. Yes, the Day is devoting to those generous angels who are there for us no matter what.

In 2017, August 6 is the day to appreciate friends and social media is bustling with tweets and post by Bollywood actors and actresses.

See what messages are been tweeting by the Bollywood Twitteratis while enjoying on twitter this Friendship Day:

Shahrukh Khan Tweets:

Here is what Akshay wants to say:

Rohit Sharma tweets:

Here is what Senior actor Anupam Kheer saying:

The Ravishing Sonum Kapoor also jumped on the bandwagon:

The director Ekta Kapoor celebrating with friends:

Tushaar tweets:

Phukit says:

The famous singer Arman Malik adds:

Dhanush adds:

Ritesh Sidhwani:

The Gorgeous Parineeti adds:

The Big B adds:

Rishi Kapoor Tweeted: