Snapshot Update

This just in, the latest Snapchat Update has confirmed that there are two things in stored for the fans of this popular photography application. First is that the company that brought Snapchat into our lives has decided to make the big decision to change their name. That’s right, Snapchat is now called Snap Inc. This move is believed to be Snap Inc trying to branch out since their company was called Snapchat because their only product at the time was the photography application, but now that they have put a lot of effort into producing a new product – Spectacles, they found it fit to change their company’s name.

In this Snapchat Update, the information about the secret sunglasses project has been revealed. According to the recent Snapchat Update, Spectacles will be a pair of sunglasses that is equipped with a built-in video camera offering an awesome 115-degree view. Moreover, it also has a LED indicator that will inform the user when the item is recording. It is said that the device is able to capture 10-second videos which will be automatically transmitted to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and later stored in the Snapchat app.

The Snapchat Update also let fans know that these Spectacles will be available in three varying colors and they expect that the device’s battery life would be able to capture a day’s worth of snaps in a single charging. As for the charging, Spectacles will come with a handy case that also serves as its charger. However, this Snapchat Update does not say when the device will be made available for purchase or pre-order, even the price is yet to be made.


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