Snapchat kept up to date its application to include some fun new customizations for captions and a fresh way to induce lenses. Browse the new features below!

Snapchat recently rolled out a few little bells and whistles that you may well not have noticed. It’s one of the reasons why users adore Snapchat very much: It’s constantly changing and developing new, creative features on a regular basis seemingly, and, as a user, discovering these little easter eggs is excellent!

So pick up your phone, available that Snapchat app, and prepare yourself to obtain a ‘snapping with Snapchat’s most recent secrets!

#Snapchat Key No. 1: Twin & Triple coating filters

As much as folks love Snapchat’s filtration systems, it was always bothersome that you could never incorporate and layer them. It either showcases the elements, a geotag or have a white and black filtration. You could do not have your cake and eat it too.

But Snapchat seems to have set this pressing concern, and people can incorporate and layer their filters as they please now!

To start out layering your snaps, first take your picture or training video of whatever you want. You can use different lenses if you’d like, or you could just make a standard photography or video. When you’re pleased with your snap, scroll left or to choose your filter, but rather than sending it off to your account right away, press and keep one finger on your display screen and swipe to include on another filtration system again.

Want to add another filter also? Repeat the press and again swipe movement. Want to remove all your filters off your snap? Stop pressing down with one swipe and finger left or right generally to reduce your filter-office mess!

#SnapchatSecret No. 2: Two person lenses

We discussed the Dalmatian filtration system, but did you know you as well as your friends can win up on additional Snapchat lenses?

Because Snapchat up is often changing things, we wish to visit the world where all their options are for sale to several people. After all, snapping with friends is doubly fun as catching by themselves!

#Snapchat Magic Formula No. 3: Three-way face swap

Chances are if you have existed IRL within the last couple of months, you’ve seen at least one amusing/terrifying/amazing Snapchat face swap between two different people on your social media.

Without a new-ish feature actually, you’re actually in a position to face swap with up to three people!

To meet exchange three ways, simply setup your face swap how you normally would in your snap chat, but before starting the lens, ensure that your three pals already are in shape and please make sure all their faces are apparent and blatant or it will not work.

If you swipe to the face swap zoom lens, all three of your encounters should be juggled automatically to attain the most perfect/amusing/terrifying/amazing face swap on da front of da world.

PS, the face swap option fails with an increase of than three people…

… Yet…

#Snapchat Hidden Knowledge No. 4: Do more with your word captions

During Snapchat’s start, users could only type out their text message in a dark bar.

After some time, users could touch to change the written text to white stop letters, and eventually, then, users could change the color of this caption.

With Snapchat’s latest upgrade, now you can make your captions daring, underline them, make them italicized, and even pin your words to your videos (like you’ve had the opportunity regarding emoji)!

How impressive is the fact that?!

#Snapchat Hidden Knowledge No. 5: Instant-tap lenses

Just forget about possessing and pressing down on your selfie-cam!

Snapchat now enables you to quickly tap to activate its facial popularity grid to be able to slap over a few fun lens.

So long as have to press down and hang on that person for the network to pop-up: You just turn on your camera, touch that person, and you’re G2G!

Make sure to play around to determine what is most useful with the two-person lens — they could be a little bit trickier to nail down if you are seeking to snap an instant picture. Lighting will matter, so make sure it isn’t too terribly dark if you are trying to quick-tap for the lens.