‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Special Edition Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The Elder Scrolls V, better known as Skyrim has developed quite a large player base ver the years, it is indeed one of the best Elder Scroll installments to date, and although the special edition for the title is under development and is soon to be launched, fans are not content with a simple visual enhancement to make the game feel new again. Most fans are hoping for Skyrim 2, and the speculations about the game and the demand for it as well is on the rise,regardless of what Bethesda had to say about it.

The fact that Skyrim is one of the best games ever made in history and a large fan base equates to having a sequel developed for the title. However, Bethesda has shut down all these hopes and dreams for Skyrim 2. There were a few tweets that were inquiring about Skyrim 2 and there was actually an immediate answer from Dr. Agon. According to him, Bethesda is not working on Skyrim 2 and fans will have to be content with the present game.

That being said, it seems fans will have to accept that Skyrim is not in the cards for now and that The Elder Scrolls V: Special Edition would have to suffice. The said special edition includes all the DLCs of the game and a whole lot of visual enhancements, including lighting and field effects.

Bethesda seems to be doing well for themselves with the recent success of Fallout 4 and DOOM, the fan base is still relatively huge. Despite being shut down by Bethesda, those hoping for Skyrim 2 to materialize are still crossing their fingers for the cause.



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