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It all changes when Benny learns that a hard want to be American Gambler Conner Watts (Johnny Knoxville) has the solid evidence he desperately seeks. What follows is a trail of hilarious events as Bennie teams up with the underachieving thug to settle the score.

Skiptrace is a Hong Kong Chinese-American Action Comedy flick starring the unlikely duo of Chan and Knoxville. Directed by Renny Harlin and written by Jackie Chan. The ensemble cast includes Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing, and Taiwanese Actor Winston Chao is joining up the duo. Originally, the movie was supposed to be released on December 24, but the release date was moved to July 22, 2016, and once again, it moved to surprisingly one day before.

Story Line:

Hong Kong Based Detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) is pursuing a notorious drug lord, alias Matador for years. The hardcore gangster is believed to be Victor Wong (Winston Chao). Everything changes When Samantha (Fan Bingbing), Daughter of Chan’s deceased partner Yung finds herself in trouble with Wong and his henchmen. Now Bennie must pair up with an underachieving gambler to make his way up to the Chinese Casinos after he gets banned in America.


Being a straight by the book tough cop, Bennie drags the witty con artist, Connor (Johnny Knoxville) across Mongolia to give solid evidence against the notorious crime lord Victor (Winston Chao). Watch as Chan deals with an all-time cry baby Knoxville, playing yet another comic relief, especially when Bennie cuddles with Connor to keep themselves warm while telling him to quit whining about all his bad calls.


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