'Silence' Movie Review

Martin Scorsese fight religious obsessions plant in medieval Japan in his new drama with Andrew Garfield and Adam Drivers.

'Silence' Movie Review

For many decades, the struggle and sometimes the glory of the religious faith was a constant concern for many filmmakers, John Ford, Leo McCarey, Frank Borzage and Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood, Carl Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman, and Robert Bresson Way, Luis Buñuel international. However, in recent times, with the exception of films on faith for a target audience from that a well-known author, the religion as a recurring and serious subject has practically disappeared yet has not emerged from the screen of America, except in certain works, Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese.

On the long silence of the pregnancy, it is probably his most concentrated explorations that have made the subject explicit and implicit in many of his films. Not all tramp projects work well, but clearly distant.

The film is shot in a small classic style, with very little virtuoso manager camera and editing gestures. It is also focused on its central theme also decided to create a temperature and a dramatic tone, only the best is relieved easily in the second half. Scorsese’s reputation and critical support will ensure the interest of the public demanding great city for this deviation from Paramount, but the dark nature of the work and the imposing length probably hold the masses.

Based on the novel acclaimed by Shusaku Endo sustained and 1966, which five years later became a Japanese movie well from Masahiro Shinoda, the version of Scorsese is a bit of a failure that is almost exclusively on the issue in the title of the book – that is , The god of silence, the restlessness of the soul, doubt and madness, the silence on the human produce endless and unremitting efforts of followers suffering a form of divine guidance in relation to their earthly efforts.

Endo, a Japanese Catholics who used the true story of the Edict of Expulsion from 1614, who were to eradicate on a ban and Christianity from his islands, one relentlessly pursued politics of this puzzle weight without ponderable end. In the dangerous struggle, in 1643, two Jesuit young Sneak Portuguese to try to help the faithful apostate in the process, are primarily the eminent father Cristávão Ferreira, a pioneer priest in Japan to fulfill his faith abandoned and end Were silent.

The brave and fearless army of two persons consisting of Father Sebastiao Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Father Francisco Garupe (Adam Drivers) who are positively starting Macau poisoning from the dangerous Japanese coast. Get an impression of misfortune because they suffer from cold, hunger and general misery. However, they occur in a Christian sect that leads abandoned, and among them is a stupid English interpreter (Tadanobu Asano) they can inform about the serious circumstances, now those with those who continue after a nippon alien god.

Tempering devices, as it is in misery and the apparent hopelessness of the trip of priests, the film difficult to peel; The two priests are characterized by their stubborn beliefs and stubborn resistance, intense movements and a little monotonous by Garfield and Drivers on the virtual exclusion of all other human qualities. By this first draft at least the narrowness of the film, with exacerbated serious priests, invite some problems because the cause seems hopeless.

Capture of Christians in these circumstances means a thing, the demand for waste, renouncing faith easily by the authorities; All you have to do is go with the image of Jesus on a small plate. But you never know; To release some apologists of the hook, but others run anyway and ingeniously extend the agony, including the crucifixion brought to the cross in a port where the tide finally hold its head and suspended in a borehole size of a coffin with the neck so that The blood dripping, dripping, for children off until they die. Scorsese long ago these visceral scenes, but fortunately knows where to draw the line. When 300 silver pieces offered to renounce Christ, he noted, with sadness, a hundred times more than what Judas was paid for betraying Jesus.

Scorsese and Cameraman Rodrigo Prieto work on very hilly place in Taiwan. They suggest urgently forcing a physical framework also inhospitable to the government authorities; This includes visual beauty to which it belongs, but above all injected with a sense of the sublime indifference of nature and the potential for terror. He works in the league with his minimalist and subdued score Kathryn and Kim Allen Kluge, who incidentally, nothing like the jangly music, modern propulsivement presented in the trailer for the film, which, fortunately, not be heard at all into the finished work even.
Finally, Sebastien and Francois, the first of them stop fleeing. The only explorer just locked another Christian enclave in a fishing village far away, but will soon betray, arrested and wait for their trial, an experience that persuaded his feverish spirit, which now follows the footsteps of Jesus. “I will not go,” he says.

Except perhaps in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical, we do not expect to be a character inquisitor figure called Comic Relief, but it is the same with which he played here with exquisite humor Issey Ogata. Inquisitor Inoue exercises the most difficult forces, ability, life or death of someone, but Ogata, a veteran actor who works in Japanese and English him a man who is willing to enjoy their work done, especially when the prospect is offered To decide is a lively debate, in which the high note is held.

To say with joy to his prisoner that Christianity is “useless in Japan” and is confident that it can reach with rubbish also this young intensely, Inquisitor Sebastaio wants to keep himself for a while, now some believing benefit, sec bleeding Provide constant motivation to repent and be done with it. How dull this test Sebastiao’s faith crossed with nonchalant humor inquisitor shows surprisingly well. All this eventually leads to serious encounter between the young priest and nothing else than the father Cristovao (Liam Neeson), long lost that whole question as the same challenge today hui Sebastiao perspectives of religion directed Japan (where it is not long before it Christians were below 200-300000).

Ultimately then, despite the bump in the original stretching and intense design, but the main roles constrict, silence comes when you want to go, which as the story itself with religion scorsese presents and takes in serious, and that no doubt stoked both inner unrest and Fear, which marks a large part of his work, this relationship can be considered a significant achievement. Germination – you could say purulent – in him for 26 years (and Scorsese Jay Cocks wrote the first draft of the Aeneas script), silence, with more success than not, the fundamental question of religious life is sent addressed author. He flirted and danced around the subject in many of his other films, usually those with transgressive and violent signs, but their explicitly religious dramas, including specifically Kundun and The Last Temptation of Christ, this is a considerable distance, the most eloquent and the most consistent .

Silence‘ Movie Description :

Directed : Martin Scorsese.
Produced : Barbara De Fina, Randall Emmett, Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Gaston Pavlovich, Martin Scorsese, Irwin Winkler.
Screenplay : LJay Cocks, Martin Scorsese.
Cast : , Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Tadanobu Asano, Ciarán Hinds, Liam Neeson.
Music : Kim Allen Kluge, Kathryn Kluge.
Cinematography : Rodrigo Prieto.
Edited : Thelma Schoonmaker.
Production company : Sharpsword Films, AI Film, Catchplay, IM Global, Verti Productions, YLK Sikella, Fabrica de Cine.