Thursday, February 20, 2020

Side Effects Of Bigorexia: Doctors Had To Remove More Than 3 Pounds Of Dead Tissue Of Synthol-Addicted Sportsman’s Arms

Where is the borderline between a strong desire to have a well-built muscled body and an insane muscle-mania? Psychologists say that the number of people who suffer from bigorexia and are ready to pay anything to look like an Olympia star is growing. Perhaps, all of us heard about passionate enthusiasts who trained too hard and developed serious health issues because of that. In many cases, such people have bigorexia or similar issues and if they will not receive adequate therapy they may destroy their health and life chasing greater results.

However, often this psychological issue forces people to search for dangerous alternatives: faster and easier ways of growing muscles. Kirill Tereshin has never been keen on sports, however, he has always dreamed to have an impressive body and peaky biceps. Once he found out he can’t wait for his dreams to come true any longer and decided to use synthol for creating the effect of fake muscles.

The young man couldn’t stop using synthol despite the severe pains and signs of tissue inflammation on his arms. Kirill was soon noticed and became famous, however, people saw him as a freak but not as a muscled sportsman. The young man was simply forced to visit doctors and undergo medical investigations. As a result, he was informed his arms could be lost if not to cure them immediately.

Now Kirill is recovering after his first operation that was quite complicated. Doctors had to remove more than three pounds of dead skin and tissue to stop the developing gangrene and to save the arms of the young man. It’s still not known whether he is able to use his hands normally as doctors afraid some functions can be lost forever. Moreover, doctors say Kirill will need at least two more major surgeries and several months of medical rehabilitation. However, what is even more important the man will need professional support of psychologists to overcome his synthol-addiction.

Kirill is not the only person who suffers from synthol injections and bigorexia. However, his case became incredibly popular and made everyone from popular sportsmen to sports doctors speak about that. Perhaps, this situation will change the attitude towards bigorexia and similar disorders and will help people choose safe and legal supplements


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