Thursday, February 20, 2020

Shocking Resemblance: Joseph Baena Looks Exactly Like Arnold Schwarzenegger Years Ago

If you still think that genetics means too little for success in bodybuilding, you shall have a look at Joseph Baena the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The young sportsman started to think seriously about his bodybuilding career only recently, however, he has already managed to improve his physique greatly.

Looking at Joseph’s rapid transformation, it’s obvious that dieting and training wouldn’t bring such a result if not the incredible genetics that Joseph could inherit from his famous dad and using supplements, that made his veins pop out.

Now the young man has just been qualified for his first competition. It’s quite hard to say if he manages to reach as much as his father did as it’s only the very beginning of Baena’s career. Nevertheless, bodybuilding fans are simply shocked by Joseph’s similarity with the early photos of young Schwarzenegger.

One of Joseph’s recent Instagram posts made his followers wonder. The sportsman is not only looking like his father, but he also has the same charisma and grace when posing. No doubt, the new bodybuilder still looks raw and has a lot of things to work at. However, having such genetics may lead him to the top of bodybuilding easily.


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