Thursday, February 20, 2020

Shocking Progress: Sergio Oliva Jr. Proves He’s Serious About Winning The 2020 Arnold Classic

The name of Sergio Oliva is often associated with the top of bodybuilding. That’s why being the son of the former three-times champion is not only great luck but also a huge responsibility. Another talented bodybuilder of the Oliva family is now preparing to step out of his father’s shadow and prove the world that he’s also worth being in the history of bodybuilding forever. All eyes on Sergio Oliva Jr. now.

Last week the sportsman surprised his fans with some great news – he’s coming back and he’s already qualified and accepted for the upcoming Arnold Classic contest. Why did he miss a year? The sportsman says he needed more time to present a truly impressive physique and the 2020 Arnold Classic is the right place to show what he got.

It looks like Sergio is the type of person who always proves his words with his deals. Soon after his announcement, the sportsman shared video proof of his intentions. Sergio posted a short extract of his insanely hard training that can only mean he’s going to hit Arnold’s stage being a real muscled monster.

While there’s still enough time to get ready for the next year’s contest, the sportsman is not going to lose even a day and makes his best to win. The preparation is only started, however, the fans of the sportsman are already impressed with his upgraded shape.

Sergio Oliva Jr. looks bigger, jacked and ripped than ever. How this beast will look after long months of training is even hard to imagine. That gives Sergio’s fans a hope that the legend’s son will win the 2020 contest or will at least stay in the top three of Arnold Classic.


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