Sheryl Sandberg
PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 17: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg delivers a speech in order to announce that Facebook will hold a plan to support start-ups at the future startup incubator Station F, a project of which Xavier Niel (not pictured) is the founder on January 17, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Vincent Isore/IP3/Getty Images)

Sheryl Sandberg has been lately commenting on her husband’s sudden death. Because they were  the most gloomy moments of her life. She listed that she couldn’t believe for days. For her it was the biggest loss ever.

Sheryl Sandberg 47 years of age is American, Technology executive and activist.

Finally. she was listed as 100 most influential peaople in the world. Sheryl sandburg is COO at facebook. Very happy with her life she was on the way to success. When this trauma hit her and she was all left in vain.

Her husband’s sudden death was a shock indeed. He died during a treadmill accident apparently, in Mexico. Later the autopsy report clarified that it was due to ” coronory arrhythmia”. He had an unnoticed coronory artery disease. Therefore, his life took all the happiness in his family’s life.

Sheryl Sandburg
Sheryl Sandberg

After all the hard times Sheryl Sandberg went through, she passed on a statement. She explained that there are many children’s in the world who face poverty and ignorance. everyone has the things to cry for. Although this loss can never be fulfilled but we have to move on with what it is.

My children have lost their father. Many others have also. I miss Dave alot. There is no replacement for him. I realize on certain occasions that he is never coming back. I havebeen through hard days. After his death I felt completely isolated. People were reluctant to talk to me.

I went to my friend Adam; the psychologist. He helped me a lot understanding this.

Anyways I am now ready for plan B. There are things you used get live with. People still have response that hurts me. But i have to live up withy my family now. My kids are resilient. They have faced the biggest trauma in their life.

If my book can help anyone going through this I will think Dave has led a life.

Sheryl Sandberg herself is writing a book listing the moment of grief she had. She has narrated that how she is ready to get on with life. She has mentioned the tips which can help anyone in getting through this. According to her if this book proves useful to only one person, its worth a write.