Shawn Rhoden Showed His Incredibly Hard Training in 2019

The victory of Shawn Rhoden was a really great surprise in 2018. After Shawn got the champion title, the sports society separated into two groups. The first one celebrated the new Mr. Olympia and liked his excellent performance and impressive physique. The second group met the new champion with a negative mood.

Some sports experts told that Shawn had a chance to win only because the ex-champion Phil Heath had health problems and could not train as hard as he usually did. Moreover, one of the main Olympia competitors Big Ramy looked not as great as often.

However, most sports fans don’t support the idea that Shawn’s victory is only a lucky chance. The sportsman looked really great on the stage. It was understandable that Shawn had very hard preparation. His body looked simply impressive and his posing skills were excellent.

At the same time, Shawn can face a very hard competition in 2019. The ex-champion Phil Heath told he was ready for anything to return his title. Moreover, one of the most dangerous Shawn’s opponents Big Ramy is very ambitious and is willing to return his leading position in the contest.

Even having a great physique, Shawn can’t be sure he will manage to keep the champion title. However, some of the latest training videos he shared show that Rhoden is not going to give up in any case.

The sportsman works very hard and his progress is very visible. There’s no doubt, this year we can see even better physique of Shawn than it was in 2018.

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