Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Shawn Rhoden is preparing for the Olympia 2018

Formerly considered the main threat to the Olympia title of Phil Heath and one of the best world’s bodybuilders, Shawn Rhoden has experienced some pretty difficult times lately.

Throughout a year, Shawn Rhoden had to overcome the difficulties after he has dropped in the rankings and has been injured ahead of the Arnold Classic 2018.


But in spite of it all, Shawn still shows an extremely great physical shape and should perform well at the Olympia this year.

Shawn Rhoden is pushing himself hard in the gym making crucial improvements hoping to increase his positions.

Now, as the Olympia 2018 is close, Rhoden looks quite amazing. He took time off to revitalize and recover. “Flexatron” seems to show a really impressive physical form on the stage of the Olympia.

Rhoden showed his latest physique update in his recent Instagram post.

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