Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis Showed What They Are Really Proud Of


Shawn Rhoden and Flex Lewis are real heroes of latest Olympia. Both sportsmen were brilliant at stage and left their opponents far behind. Shawn Rhoden became new Mr. Olympia, when Flex Lewis is a champion at Men’s 212 Olympia division. Both sportsmen got a lot of attention and great support from their loyal admirers.

When looking at these Olympia champs, it’s impossible to imagine their life can be something but gym and protein meals. Becoming number one in bodybuilding requires great work: the way you sleep, the way you eat and working out, – even the smallest detail matters.

Both Rhoden and Lewis are free to speak about their training and nutrition. However, routine life of these sportsmen is far not so popular when it goes beyond sport issues. Perhaps, that’s why their fans are so happy for some very personal and touching details they may share.

Recently bodybuilding society was amazed by a cute photo where Rhoden and Lewis pose with their kids. Instagram followers of Flex Lewis were deeply touched by a picture where bodybuilders hold little daughters. Flex Lewis told this photo was taken when sportsmen were asked to pose with their trophies. Instead of showing their medals as it’s commonly done, both champions showed their children that are considered to be their true trophies and, as a sportsman claims, power of their strength.

Rhoden’s and Lewis’s fans were more than glad to discover that behind images of great bodybuilders there are loving fathers and great personalities.



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