Saturday, July 24, 2021

Shawn Rhoden Dedicated a Touching Post to His Daughter

Shawn Rhoden impressed the sports society in 2018. The sportsman dethroned the former 7-times champion Phil Heath and became the main sensation of the year.

Shawn has always been devoted to the sport. However, the 2018 Olympia victory became his main great achievement in his sports career. This event has attracted a lot of attention to the sportsman, making the sports society trying to understand which type of personality stands behind the sportsman’s image.

Unlike many bodybuilders who try to look brutal and even aggressive, Shawn Rhoden is not putting any mask on. The sportsman has always been very honest with his fans and subscribers. Shawn has never tried to create an image of a ‘bad boy’. In opposite, his followers and subscribers have always seen him as a composed and gentle person and a great family man.

Shawn impressed his fans when right after his victory in 2018 he was asked to pose for a photo with his trophy. Instead of taking the Olympia trophy, he held his little daughter.

The current champion tells that training takes almost all of his time, making his daily schedule very busy. However, no matter how busy he is, he always remembers about his family and his child.

This year the sportsman made hearts of his fans melted again after he posted a beautiful photo of him and his daughter. The bodybuilder congratulated his child with Valentine’s day, explaining how much she means to him and how his life has changed since the little daughter was born.

The sportsman’s post has caused a great reaction from Instagram users. The photo has gathered more than 30 000 likes and the number of reactions is still growing.

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