Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Shawn Rhoden Is Banned From 2019 Olympia

We know Shawn not only as the Olympia champion and an incredible sportsman but also as a perfect family man and a loving father. If you look through Rhoden’s Instagram posts, you’ll never have an idea this person would be able to commit a serious crime.

Perhaps, that’s why the news about Shaw’s arrest was so shocking to all sports society. The sportsman was recently charged in the 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City with rape, object rape, and sexual abuse. The situation is still unclear as there is no official information from Shawn, his family or other reliable sources.

It was previously reported that the current Rhoden’s bait is set at USD 750,000. This is serious money, which can only mean that the court has evidence against Shawn Rhoden.

According to information from Ron Harris from Muscular Development, Rhoden was able to pass two lie detector test to prove he’s not guilty. Ron denies telling the source of the information, however, he tries to assure everyone this is 100% true.

While the case is still in court, the management of the Olympia contest reacted to the news, banning Rhoden from the competition forever. According to their report, they don’t want to deal with the potential rapist. Moreover, Rhoden lost his contracts with sponsors and supplement producers.

The 44-year-old bodybuilding veteran and the current Olympia king is now facing very serious troubles. Even if Shawn manages to prove he’s not guilty, it will be very difficult to restore his reputation and to get new contracts with sponsors.

The sports society was shocked to its core. Now, bodybuilding fans are trying to get used to an idea they will not see Rhoden at the Olympia stage anymore.


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